Book Your Tent House and Enjoy an Exciting Maritime Experience at The Statue of Unity

Book Your Tent House and Enjoy an Exciting Maritime Experience at The Statue of Unity

An awe-inspiring journey awaits you at the world’s tallest man-made structure, The Statue of Unity. A tribute to Indian freedom fighter Sardar Vallabbhai Patel, also known as the ‘Iron Man’ of India, this masterpiece stands proud in Gujarat state – a towering 182 meters tall and radiating unity and integrity throughout India!

The exact location of the statue is Sadhu-Bet Island, providing the visitors with an outstanding view to enjoy. Lots of money has been spent on this statue of the great Indian leader and it attracts tourists from around the country as well as outside of India.

Luxurious staying at Statue of Unity Tent City

Searching for the perfect place to stay near the Statue of Unity? Look no further! The Statue of Unity Tent City has got you covered with luxuriously appointed tents and top-notch hospitality. Make this visit one to remember, while enjoying an unforgettable experience in unmatched comfort.

Enjoy an authentic outdoor experience in the heart of nature at Statue of Unity Tent City, where you can explore lush hills, tranquil lakes, and serene wooded areas. Not only will you enjoy five-star accommodation with delicious cuisine here, but also breathe in crisp air that will make your holiday truly unforgettable. Nature lovers are guaranteed to be enthralled by this paradise!

Statue of Unity is a memorial site

The Statue of Unity stands tall, reminding us all of the might and power Sardar Patel possessed. His ideology is commemorated through amenities such as a museum and an audiovisual gallery that tell his story in detail: how he fought for freedom to make India strong and prosperous.

A high-speed lift will take you to the viewing gallery from where you can enjoy an outstanding view of the surroundings. The light and sound show is another attraction that will make your evening interesting.

Book your Tent House now

Choose to stay in style at the Statue of Unity Tent City, where you have access to beautiful tents and remarkable views of the Sardar Sarovar Dam. With unparalleled luxuries and a breathtaking atmosphere, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Capture memories that will last a lifetime when you book your stay with us today.

This deluxe resort guarantees you’ll receive a hospitable and memorable vacation. You will be mesmerized by the room décor, services, delicious cuisine and various cultural programs designed to entertain! It’s no wonder that tourists from all over rave about their top-notch hospitality.

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Regardless of your purpose you can stay at Statue of Unity Tent City

If you’re looking for an ideal place to stay and explore the nearby attractions or famous places while visiting the Statue of Unity, why not consider booking a luxurious tent at the statue’s tent city? This nature resort was designed with couples, families and friend groups in mind, offering all the hospitality that you could hope for. Come enjoy your getaway here – nothing but relaxation awaits!

Online booking of Statue of Unity Tent City

It is quite easy to book your package and reserve the statue of unity accommodation online and in no-time. Statue of Unity Stay packages, suitable for different persons. You must know your needs and expectations and choose a package and stay option that fits.


If you plan on visiting the Statue of Unity, consider booking a stay at the Tent City to make your holiday even more comfortable. Not only will you get to experience this remarkable monument up close and personal, but also explore all nearby attractions with ease when you have a safe place to take shelter each night. This nature resort located beneath the shadow of the Statue of Unity is an ideal spot for preparation before embarking on future adventures!

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