How to Reach the Statue of Unity from Indore?

How to Reach the Statue of Unity from Indore?

Indore is a bustling metropolis, a mosaic of ancient heritage and contemporary vitality. Located at the confluence of the Saraswati and Khan rivers, it serves as the commercial hub of Madhya Pradesh. The distance to the Statue of Unity is not much from Indore, and it beckons the people of this busy city to come and see it. Located in Kevadiya, Gujarat, this majestic monument stands as a powerful symbol of India’s solidarity and resilience, and it is dedicated to the visionary leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. In this blog, we will inform you more on how you can reach the Statue of Unity from Indore.

There are several different ways to travel that you can pick from based on your schedule and personal preferences:

Traveling by Bus

A bus is a practical option for getting to the Statue of Unity from Indore. It takes about 7 hours to complete the roughly 300 km journey. There are several private bus companies that go to Kevadiya. The bus is sought after because tickets are priced reasonably and it can be a relaxing and beautiful way to travel, letting you take in the sights of the countryside.

Traveling by Train

The direct train service between Indore and Kevadiya’s Ekta Nagar Railway Station is yet another reasonable alternative. The average duration of the trip is eight to nine hours. A brief taxi ride will take you to the Statue of Unity after you get off at Ekta Nagar. Taking the train is a great way to unwind and enjoy the ride, plus it offers beautiful scenery the whole way.

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Traveling by Car

One can drive from Indore to the Statue of Unity as well. From Indore to Kevadiya, the road distance is about 300 km, and the travel time can be anywhere from six to seven hours, subject to traffic and road conditions. Driving allows you more freedom to stop wherever you like, whether that is to see interesting sights or sample some local cuisine.
To ensure your trip goes off without a hitch, include the distance from Indore to the Statue of Unity in your travel plans.

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