How to Reach the Statue of Unity from Jodhpur?

How to Reach the Statue of Unity from Jodhpur?

Can you fathom what it would be like to stand at the base of the biggest monument of unity on Earth? The stunning Statue of Unity, a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and a sight to behold amid the verdant Gujarati environment, is the one we’re referring to. If so, you’re in luck, because this blog will serve as your comprehensive guide to all you need to know, from the ancient alleys of Jodhpur to the majestic presence of this statue.

Embark on a thrilling voyage from Jodhpur to the Statue of Unity, covering a distance of almost 640.5 kms, providing a glimpse into the vibrant history of India. It offers a chance to see the natural wonders and architectural marvels of India on a tour through the country’s interior. Nestled beside the Narmada River, the Statue of Unity is a must-visit attraction that brings the allure of Gujarat to life. Plus, the Statue of Unity Tent City-1 opulent embrace is waiting to make your visit absolutely unforgettable if you’re looking to totally immerse yourself in this experience.

Embark on a Sacred Journey from the City of Blue to the Unity Icon

There are a plethora of exciting routes one can take from Jodhpur to the Statue of Unity.

The scenic rail route from Jodhpur to the Statue of Unity passes through the colorful landscapes of Gujarat and Rajasthan on its way to being an enchanting trip. Connecting services from Vadodara or Ahmedabad provide a seamless journey, even though there is no direct train to Kevadiya. The last leg of your trip to the statue is a 90 kilometer train ride from Vadodara to Kevadiya, which should take around 1.5 hours. The beauty of India’s railways is consistent, regardless of the time it takes to go.

Driving or using a taxi allows you to see the distance between Jodhpur and the Statue of Unity at your leisure, making it an ideal mode of transportation for those who like to take the less beaten path. If you are adventurous and interested in seeing the varied landscapes of rural India, this 10-hour drive is for you.

Although there is no direct flight between the two cities, the nearest airports, in Ahmedabad and Vadodara, can be used as jumping off points for individuals who want to cut down on journey time. Your journey to the statue will be completed with a last 90 kilometer train ride or car excursion from Vadodara to Kevadiya, which will take about 1.5 hours.

Traveling by train with a little road drive seems to be the most well-rounded choice for travelers, considering convenience, cost, and comfort all at once.

The Allure of a Stay in Tent City-1, the Statue of Unity

Monument to Harmony With one of India’s most iconic landmarks in the background, Tent City-1 shines as a symbol of opulence and tranquility. In this setting, the serenity of nature meets the warmest hospitality, and guests are invited to fully immerse themselves. Your stay will be nothing short of magnificent because every amenity and service here has been carefully crafted.

  • Combining the Serenity of Nature with High-Quality Amenities: A Haven for Those Seeking Both Serenity and Adventure.
  • Relax in Our Immaculate Pool While You Soak Up.
  • An Exciting Kids’ Play Area: Activities for our little ones, guaranteeing an environment that’s perfect for families.
  • With its breathtaking views and easy access, this location is perfect for enhancing your visit to the statue.

Monument to Harmony To make sure your stay at Tent City-1 is both comfortable and enjoyable, we offer a variety of options to choose from. Your visit to the Statue of Unity will be enhanced by every aspect, as you are embraced by a world of great care from the moment you arrive.

  • Customized Adventures: Pick the perfect match for your exploration needs, from day trips to longer stays.
  • Our packages provide an all-inclusive experience by combining high-end lodgings with regional specialties and cultural insights.
  • A Variety of Choices: Guests can choose from a variety of options to experience the highest level of hospitality with our comprehensive pricing Places of Interest in the Area

Encircling the majestic Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges, which frame the Statue of Unity, are other attractions that showcase the natural and man-made grandeur of India. These include:

  • Sardar Sarovar Dam: Providing essential water and electricity and boasting breathtaking reservoir vistas, the Sardar Sarovar Dam is an impressive example of modern engineering.
  • In the middle of floral marvels, Unity Glow Garden’s LED installations provide a mesmerizing display of light and color, transporting visitors to a luminous fantasy.
  • Jungle Safari, located next to the Statue of Unity, is a fascinating and instructive place to learn about different ecosystems and see exotic animals.
  • The Cactus Garden: Visit the Cactus Garden, a 25-acre oasis teeming with cactus and succulents, to learn about the resiliency of desert plants.


The trip from Jodhpur to the Statue of Unity becomes more than just a trip; it becomes a journey into the rich cultural heritage and remarkable architectural achievements of India. You can experience the pinnacle of historical wonders and the lap of luxury when you book your stay at Statue of Unity Tent City-1. Let the tranquility of Tent City-1’s Statue of Unity serve as the starting point for a once-in-a-lifetime journey on your next trip. Go to Statue of Unity Tent City-1 to learn more about our alluring Statue of Unity package tours, make reservations, and view photos.

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