Gujarat’s Premier and Iconic Wedding Destination – Statue of Unity Tent City – 1

Gujarat’s Premier and Iconic Wedding Destination – Statue of Unity Tent City – 1

Have a Royal Wedding at the Heart of Gujarat

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular due to their ability to provide a beautiful and one-of-a-kind backdrop for couples on the most special day of their lives. The scenery, natural beauty, and joyful presence of loved ones make this type of wedding setting truly unforgettable.

Nestled against a beautiful backdrop of reservoirs, mountains and rivers as well as the iconic Statute of Unity, Tent City 1 has become an increasingly desirable wedding destination in India for couples wishing to commit themselves to each other for eternity.

Decor that stuns. Destination that thrills.

The dream wedding is just the icing on the cake – it’s all of those moments that lead up to it which make for a truly extraordinary and unforgettable experience. From designing the perfect invitation, to selecting scrumptious catering options and surprises along the way, every part of this journey will be nothing short of remarkable!

Statue of Unity – Tent City 1 provides the perfect backdrop to your upcoming nuptials, no matter if you are planning a bridal shower, bachelor party or grand reception. With lavish yet affordable tents capable of comfortably accommodating up to 200 guests and stunning views from our large dining room, we make it easy for you to create an unforgettable evening that is customized with either modern or classical elements! Enjoy exquisite cuisine in addition to a luxuriously green lawn ideal for outdoor gatherings. Make memories that last forever at Statue of Unity – Tent City 1!

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Make Picturesque Memories with blessings of Mother Nature

Make your nuptial day even more special by posing for magnificent photographs at Statue of Unity – Tent City 1. Nestled on the banks of river Narmada, you and your beloved can create enduring memories against a beautiful backdrop that blends nature’s serenity with modern amenities. Captivate yourselves in lush green mountains, placid rivers, foggy landscapes and vibrant lights to celebrate this momentous occasion!

Our Culinary Specials – A Cut Above the Rest

It’s said that a wedding is remembered by the delectable food presented at the reception. When you experience culinary magic crafted by our experts here at Statue of Unity – Tent City 1, there will be no doubt why your special day will remain unforgettable to all in attendance!

Whether you are craving something savory, or pining to indulge in a delightful dessert, our specially crafted and curated menu has it all! On your special day, let us take you on a tantalizing taste adventure that will surely leave your senses delighted.

A New Wedding Destination in Gujarat – Designed from Age-old Traditions.

The Statue of Unity Tent City – 1 is a unique and iconic wedding destination, rooted in the traditional culture of India. To make it even more special, guests can revel in breathtaking scenic beauty that makes this exotic Indian location unrivaled for weddings.

This majestic new age venue offers a truly unparalleled wedding experience with its stunning tents, breathtaking photo spots and exquisite cuisine. Celebrate your special day in the most opulent destination of India!

Take your Vows amidst Wows.

As the wedding season approaches, and all the couples are looking for an idyllic place to make their big day memorable, the Statue of Unity Tent City – 1 is the place that is designed to stun and awe.

With a historic statue overlooking the area, the vibrant art and cultural themes subtly decorating your venue, it goes without saying that it truly captures the essence of India in every way, making your day truly unforgettable.

If you are planning to have a stunning destination wedding in India, take your vows amidst some wows, with a rich backdrop of natural elements of the mountains and rivers, starry skies and delectable food right here at Statue of Unity – Tent City 1.

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