How Many Days Are Good to Explore the Statue of Unity?

Sardar Vallabhai Patel Statue, or Statue of Unity, is a heritage monument site built and inaugurated in the year 2018 in India. It was built with the notion of increasing the range of tourism in India, while it also employed thousands of employees during its construction. Today, it stands as the nation’s pride, giving India global recognition owing to its grandeur. Visiting such a humongous monument is worth the time and money, but a proper visit can be done with adequate planning. Let us understand in this blog the basics and the duration required to visit the Statue of Unity.

Duration of Visiting Statue of Unity

A day trip is sufficient if you plan to visit only the Statue. But there are other sites to explore in the Statue of Unity, including a museum, Sound and Light show, Valley of Flowers, and Sardar Sarovar Dam. Visiting and understanding all these sites’ history and heritage would need at least 2 to 3 days. But Fret Not! Statue of Unity coordinators have put up options to stay back, with several options to consider. A few of these include.

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  • Statue of Unity Tent City- 1

This package includes a comprehensive collection of 55 cottages and villas with prices starting right from 14000 rupees. It is located just 5 km from the Statue of Unity and is the best choice to experience comfort and luxury.

  • Tent city Narmada

This package consists of all-weather deluxe and premium tents with costs starting from 8500 rupees. It is located just 3km from the Statue of Unity and is perfect as you can get early access to the location.

  • Unity Village Resort

The package comprises uniquely built simple and elegant cottages with a price range starting from 5500 rupees. Although it is located 11km from the Statue of Unity, bus transportation is available to reach the location.


The trickiest part of planning a trip is to look for accommodation. But that is not a worry regarding the Statue of Unity. The Indian Government has constructed numerous cottages, villas, and resorts in the location, keeping in mind the requirements of the tourists. So, what are you waiting for? Book a cottage and visit the pride of our nation right now! Visit to know more!

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