Vishwa Van Kevadia: Timings, Entry Fee

Vishwa Van Kevadia: Timings, Entry Fee

The “Statue of Unity” in Kevadia, Gujarat, serves as an illustration of India’s rich history, cultural legacy, and unity. This massive memorial to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, India’s Iron Man, has come to symbolize national pride. Vishwa Van Kevadia is becoming a popular tourist destination. Travelers come to this location from all over the nation and the world to take in the massive statue, the gorgeous surroundings, and the legacy of Sardar Patel’s services to India. The complex has several interactive exhibits and artifacts and a museum and exhibition hall highlighting Sardar Patel’s life and career.

Timing for Vishwa Van Kevadia’s visit

Vishwa Van is usually open daily, but for the most recent information on opening hours, it’s a good idea to visit the official website or contact the authorities. Around 7:30 AM is when Vishwa Van typically opens. Early morning is a peaceful and rejuvenating time to visit this lush haven.

Visting Hours8:00 am – 6:45 pm
Closing Hours7:00 pm

Entry fee for Vishwa Van Kevadia

There is a small admission fee for guests to support the upkeep and maintenance of Vishwa Van. The profits from the fees go towards improving and conserving the forest, and they are usually reasonable.

12 years or more$5 for international nationals
₹20 for Indian citizens
3-12 years old$2.5 (foreign nationals)
₹10 (Indian citizens)
3years or youngerFree for school groups with ten or more students
$2.5 for international nationals
₹10 for Indian citizens per kid

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Visit Vishwa Van to add some intrigue and calmness to your trip journal. The garden will let you unwind and relieve some of the tension and fatigue from the day. Take a leisurely stroll through the lovely garden with your family and let them experience its serenity and tranquilly. At Statue of Unity, we assist visitors in making the most of the monument in the most practical manner. Allow your children to explore Vishwa Van’s diverse flora and animals to help them appreciate the wonder and strength of nature. It is a popular tourist spot that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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