The railway stations in close proximity to the Statue of Unity

Nearest Railway Station To Statue Of Unity

Statues portray beauty, meaning, love and history in the most artistic way possible. They also serve as a lasting tribute to significant figures, ensuring that the upcoming generations respect their sacrifices and triumphs. India boasts the Statue of Unity as the world’s tallest statue. Built at the banks of the River Narmada, Gujarat, the statue of nationalist Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel stands about 182 m tall. Wish to view this outstanding structure? Read further to know how to reach the incredible Statue of Unity.

List of Nearest Railway Station To Statue Of Unity

Rajpipla Railway Station27 Kilometers40 minutes
Miyagam Karjan Railway Station63 Kilometers1 Hour 15 minutes
Vadodara Railway Station72 Kilometers2 Hours
Bharuch Railway Station75 Kilometers2 Hours
Ankleshwar Railway Station78 Kilometers2 Hours and 10 minutes

Miyagam Karjan Railway Station

The Statue of Unity is located 63 Km away from this railway station. To reach your destination, get to Rajpipla first. A car ride or local bus can help you reach Rajpipla easily. After arriving at Rajpipla, you can opt for a taxi or bus to make it to the statue.

Rajpipla Railway Station

In order to reach the marvelous statue from Rajpipla Railway Station, you will have to cover a distance of 27 km. You can take a local bus/ taxi or drive yourself to the statue within 40 minutes.

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Bharuch Railway Station

If you’re taking a personal vehicle, you can easily reach the statue within 2 hours. If you’re opting for a bus ride, reach the Bharuch bus station before 10:00 am to catch a bus to Kevadiya Colony. Post 10:00 am, you can take a bus to Rajpipla and reach the statue home by means of a local bus or a taxi.

Vadodara Railway Station

From Vadodara Railway Station, you can catch a bus to the Kevadiya Colony, after which you can take a taxi/bus to reach the statue. If you’re looking for a more convenient way, then simply take a taxi from Vadodara to reach your destination.

Ankleshwar Railway Station

Reach Rajpipla by means of bus, train or taxi, after which you can take a taxi or a bus. Using a personal vehicle, it will just take 2 hours and 10 minutes to make it to the breathtaking statue from Ankleshwar.

These are the railway stations in close proximity to the Statue of Unity. Check out our Statue of Unity Stay Packages to enjoy a comfortable vacation. Until you go back home with a baggage full of memories, enjoy our tents and resorts that guarantee a homely feeling.

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