How to Get to the Statue of Unity from Mumbai in A Journey of Marvel

How to Get to the Statue of Unity from Mumbai in “A Journey of Marvel”

An adventure worth cherishing is setting out on a wonderful journey from the vibrant city of Mumbai to the magnificent Statue of Unity. The magnificent monument honoring Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is 182 meters tall and draws tourists nationwide. Let’s explore the many routes to get to this famous site from Mumbai to ensure your journey is nothing short of fantastic.

By Rail: The Statue of Unity is easily accessible to Mumbai by rail for those who enjoy the fascination of train travel. The Shatabdi Express and several other trains serve this route, providing comfortable and picturesque travel. You may reach the Statue of Unity after arriving in Vadodara by traveling 90 kilometers in a taxi or bus.

By Road: A trip offers a wonderful chance to enjoy beautiful scenery. Depending on traffic, the trip, which covers a distance of around 400 kilometers, takes 6 to 7 hours. Start your journey via the well-maintained Mumbai-Vadodara Motorway, which connects these two cities. Travel through quaint villages like Vapi, Surat, and Bharuch until you reach Kevadiya, where the statue is located. There are plenty of parking spaces there. Packing necessities for the trip, such as water and snacks, is advisable.

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By Airways: Choosing air travel is a faster and more practical option. The Statue of Unity’s closest airport is Vadodara; therefore, plan a direct flight there from Mumbai. Numerous carriers run Regular flights on this route, ensuring simple accessibility. Your journey to the Statue of Unity from Vadodara airport would take 2 to 3 hours by taxi or bus. When you arrive, the statue’s overwhelming majesty set against the scenic surroundings of the Narmada River will astound you. Please explore the monument and its expansive complex, which features a museum, an exhibition hall, and an observation deck offering a bird’s-eye perspective of the area.

Budget motels to opulent resorts offer lodging alternatives close to the Statue of Unity. For a hassle-free experience, making your reservations in advance is advised, especially during the busiest travel times. The trip from Mumbai to the Statue of Unity, whether taken by rail, road, or air, promises to be memorable. Prepare to be amazed by the magnificence of this unique tribute to a great leader by packing your bags, embracing the spirit of adventure, and getting ready.

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